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Transanal Ileus Tube for Large intestine Details
All Silicone Sengstaken Blakemore Tube Details
Ileus Tubes for Small intestine(Small Bowel Decompression Long Tube) Details


All Silicone Gastrostomy Balloon Catheter for Replacement (Compact Type) Details
All Silicone Gastrostomy Balloon Catheter for Replacement (Zero Flat Type) Details
Balloon Button Set Details
Gastrostomy Button Set Details
Gastrostomy Replacement Catheter Set (Bumper Type) Details
All Silicone PEG J CatheterDetails Details
Transgastric Jejunal Balloon Tube and Guidewire Set Details
PEG Kit with Loop Fixture Ⅱ(Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy with Introducer Method) Details
CLINY Introducer PEG Kit(With 20Fr Balloon Catheter) Details
PEG Kit Bumper Type(with Guide Wire) Details


PTCD Kit Details
Internal External Drainage Catheter Details
PTC Drainage Tube (W/Core Needle) Details
PTC Drainage Tube Details


All Silicone Malecot Catheter Details
Cystostomy Set Details
All Silicone Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter, With Detachable Funnel Details
All Silicone Nephrostomy Balloon Catheters(Green and Transparent Types) Details
Nephrostomy Kits Details
All Silicone Suprapubic Balloon Catheters Details
Pure-Cath(Intermittent Selfcatheterization Set for women) Details
All Silicone Self-Catheter for replacement(Intermittent Catheter for replacement) Details
Self-Catheterization Sets Details
All Silicone Tieman Balloon Catheter Details